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REFLECTIV MIR 500 Mirror Film

5.99 - 6.99 / sq m

(15 customer reviews)

Reflectiv MIR 500 is a one way mirror, crystal polyester film. It creates a perfect mirror on one side of the glass while transparency is kept on the other side. Thus you can see everything while being invisible from the outside. The film has acrylic polymer adhesive and thickness of 36 microns. The product can be purchased per meter or whole rolls with width 152 cm and maximum roll length – 30 m.

Total Area (sq m)
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REFLECTIV MIR 500 One Way Mirror Film

Reflectiv MIR 500 uses the method of swinging light: the film becomes a reflective screen in reaction to a stronger light. It shows the image like a mirror on one side and keeps the glass transparency on the other. The film can be used on every type of single glazing or tempered glass. MIR 500 is classified M1 in terms of reaction to fire and requires no maintenance. It has 12 to 15 years durability for inside vertical application in Europe. Each roll comes with silicone polyester release liner.

Reflectiv MIR 500 is manufactured by Reflectiv France. They are the leading European Union company for window and mirror films. For more information on application and usage, please see the document in the Technical Data tab. Read more about Reflectiv on reflectiv.com.

Range (sq m)Price (€/sq m)
0 - 45.59 sq m6.99 / sq m
45.60+ sq m5.99 / sq m


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15 reviews for REFLECTIV MIR 500 Mirror Film

  1. Carlo

    Reflectiv MIR 500 is perfect mirror film!

  2. Michael

    Beautiful film.

  3. Eric

    This material creates a perfect mirror on one side of the glass while transparency is kept on the other side.

  4. Harrison

    You can make incredible things with this film .

  5. Andrei

    Incredible mirror effect!

  6. Karson

    Great price.

  7. Razvan

    Very friendly website.

  8. Emma

    Nice mirror surface.

  9. Randy

    Bought as much as i needed.

  10. Quentin

    Great mirror film !

  11. Adam

    All Reflectiv films are great products.

  12. Alin

    Great performance!

  13. Theo

    Best price!

  14. Paul

    Nice vinyl.

  15. Petros

    Great product.!

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