ORACAL 970RA Premium Shift Effect Cast

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ORACAL 970RA Premium Shift Effect Cast

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ORACAL 970RA Premium Shift Effect is a multi-layered cast PVC film for car wrapping. It is available in 5 chameleon colors with gloss finish and 7 with matt finish. The product can be purchased per meter or in whole rolls with width 152 cm and maximum length – 25 m.

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 ORACAL 970RA Premium Shift Effect Cast

Oracal 970RA Premium Shift Effect Cast is a brand new Orafol product for car wrapping, first introduced in June, 2015. This new product is a shade shifter film which takes car wrapping to a whole new level. Depending on the angle from which you view the material, the chameleon effect allows the film to change color. This makes it possible to create really unique look, unavailable on the market until now. Oracal 970RA can be used for both full car wraps and as a tuning film to special parts of the car such as hoods, trunks, roofs, door handles, dashboards, rims and much more. The material creates an exotic, eye-catching and vivid finish – one that paint simply cannot replicate.

When it comes to changing the color of your vehicle it is all in the details. Orafol offers the market’s widest range of different high quality wrap films and with the new Oracal 970RA Premium Shift Effect the design possibilities have increased even further.

Oracal 970RA Premium Shift Effect Cast has been engineered to the highest technological standards. It has solvent polyacrylate adhesive which is re-positionable, permanent and transparent. The product should be worked in, cut and applied with an overlap at the edge, for more curved surfaces, or for corrugations and rivets. It also includes the famous Orafol RapidAir technology. The thickness of the product is 110 micron. Read more about 970RA on orafol.com.


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