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HYLITE ACP Sheets by 3AComposites

31.95 sq m

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HYLITE is an aluminum composite panel with aluminum surface on both sides and a polypropylene core. It is available on sheets with thickness of 1.2 mm. We offer FREE normal cutting (tolerance of +/- 1mm) for your selected sheet size. If you would like precise cutting, different shapes or sizes, please contact us.

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HYLITE ACP Sheets by 3AComposites

HYLITE is a new, innovative material manufactured by 3AComposites. It is suitable for a variety of applications, both industrial, office and commercial ones. Some great examples are office supplies, high quality CD sleeves, folders, menus, laptop holders, light boxes and furniture design. A worldwide unrivaled feature of HYLITE is the polypropylene core which can be used as a hinge (tested by RWTÜV). The material is three-dimensionally deformable, temperature resistant, stable and rigid. The panel is available with a protective film on both sides.

HYLITE offers a wide range of processing possibilities, for example the ability to achieve various surface effects through powder coating as the material is resistant to temperatures up to 150 °C. It is 65% lighter than conventional solid steel and respectively 30% lighter than solid aluminum while providing the same flexural strength. HYLITE provides similar properties as aluminum and can be processed equally using the same kind of machines. The material can be easily recycled. By means of cryogenic milling the two components aluminum and plastic can be separated and reused.

Please note: Due to limitation in the shipping requirements we offer sized sheets with length up to 122 cm and width up to 70 cm. For high volume orders on different sizes or whole sheets click here.


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5 reviews for HYLITE ACP Sheets by 3AComposites

  1. Rger

    Fast shipping

  2. Kelvin

    This can bend infinite times.

  3. Nathan

    You can make everything with this product!

  4. Ben

    Incredible bending mechanics.

  5. Max

    Great new product from 3A.

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