FOAMALITE Premium PVC Sheets by 3AComposites

FOAMALITE Premium is a high quality and extremely versatile PVC foam sheet with white color. It is the perfect display board for all structural applications thanks to the combination of its lightness and superior dimensional stability. Another great advantage for sign makers and digital printers is the material’s good cell structure and surface with smooth finish and improved hardness. FOAMALITE Premium is the preferred choice for various applications including signage and display panels, POS/POP displays, exhibition stands, shopfitting, wall cladding and partitioning.

FOAMALITE Premium can be fabricated mechanically with simple processing tools used to process wood and plastic. It can be also thermoformed for three-dimensional applications. The material comes with polyethylene masking film on one side that can be easily removed. It reveals a smooth surface finish ideally suited for screen and digital printing for both interior and exterior applications.

Please note: Due to limitation in the shipping requirements we offer sized sheets with length up to 122 cm and width up to 75 cm. For high volume orders on different sizes or whole sheets click here.