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ACP Sheets – Aluminum Composite Panel

17.25 sq m

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ACP sheets are available with thickness of 3mm. We offer FREE normal cutting (tolerance of +/- 1mm) for your selected sheet size. If you would like precise cutting, different shapes and sizes, rounded corners or drilled holes, please contact us.

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ACP Sheets – Aluminum Composite Panel by GoldStar

ACP Sheets with 3 mm thickness and 0.18 mm aluminum on both sides. Colored on one side and gray backing on the other.

ACP sheets are also referred as Aluminum Composite Panel or sandwich panel. They consist of high-quality alloy aluminum sheets on upper and lower layer and special low-density PE sandwich between them. The components are combined by hot pressing of a polymeric membrane between them. The product is decorated by double-face special baking finish and treated at the back for anticorrosion. Our ACP is manufactured by Goldstar using a new technology that improves peel strength to an optimal state while correspondingly improving flatness and weather resistance.

ACP sheets can be easily processed via simple tools for processing wood or plastic. They can be cut, sheared, edge shaved, arc bended and straightened without any problems. This makes the material a great choice for many applications. ACP sheets are ideal decorative material for interior and exterior design – large reception rooms, shops, office buildings, exhibition halls. They are also perfect for interior walls in shop gates, billboards, bulletin boards, tunnel, subway etc. ACP sheets have great self-cleaning properties and thus cleaning of the material only needs neutral cleaning agent even in places with severe pollution.

Please note: Due to limitation in the shipping requirements we offer sized sheets with length up to 122 cm and width up to 70 cm. For high volume orders on different sizes or whole sheets click here.


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5 reviews for ACP Sheets – Aluminum Composite Panel

  1. Milan

    Great aluminium composite panel!

  2. Mario

    Nice performance by goldstar.

  3. Nicholas

    Fast delivery.

  4. Vlad

    Perfect customer service!

  5. Radu

    Very friendly website.

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