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ABS Sheets with Acrylic Colored Finish


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SignGround offers ABS on whole sheets only. They are with length of 120 cm and width 60 cm. Each sheets can be cut in custom sizes. Please contact us for quote.

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ABS Sheets with Acrylic Colored Finish

SignGround offers a variety of ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) sheets with acrylic colored finish. They have one main color and another one painted over it on one side. The combination of the previously mentioned copolymers gives ABS sheets excellent surface appearance that is smooth and with great scratch resistance. ABS has replaced traditional metal materials due to its ease of formability, increased durability, and better weather ability. The material has also high rigidity, excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.

ABS sheets are processed with ease and versatility. They can be machined, drilled, sawed, milled, routed and sheared using CNC routers and lasers. All these make the sheets the ideal material for a wide variety of applications. Examples are signage, advertising and display plates, laser engraving, automotive interior and exterior, home appliances, luggage, machine parts, trays, shower seating, enclosures, model buildings and prototype gear, machine parts and much more.


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We have an excellent relationship with our courier service and all orders are meticulously packed using a variety of materials to ensure the sheets arrive in excellent condition.

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We pride ourselves on great customer service – once you submit your order you will receive a few emails to keep you up to date with its status. The last email will contain the tracking code for your parcel. If you require extra information please contact our customer support team at tracking@signgroung.com. Please include your full name and order number in all communications with us.

5 reviews for ABS Sheets with Acrylic Colored Finish

  1. Ben

    Great quality!

  2. Vlad

    Cool colors.

  3. Connor

    Great outdoor & indoor durability.

  4. Jamie

    Nice price.

  5. Kristin

    Good price.

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